Drug Withdrawal Treatment in Suffolk, VA

Drug addiction is a serious problem that people all over the United States face. About one in 10 people will deal with addiction at some point in their lives. While it can definitely be challenging for your mental and physical health, you don't have to suffer alone when drug withdrawal treatment in Suffolk is available.

The fact is that withdrawal is one of the main reasons that heavy users and long-term addicts have difficulty quitting. It's not a matter of willpower anymore once you developed a physical and emotional bond with a particular substance. That's when you need professional help to turn things around.

Keep reading to learn more about drug withdrawal treatment in Suffolk and how it can help you turn your life around. Drug withdrawal treatment centers in your area are waiting to help you right now.

What Is Drug Withdrawal?

Drug withdrawal is what happens when a person who has formed an addiction stops using. In many cases, drug withdrawal occurs when a user runs out of drugs. For long-term addicts or regular heavy users, withdrawal symptoms can come on in as little as a few hours.

Drug withdrawal can be serious, and for some addicts, it is exactly what keeps them from quitting. When you're dealing with emotional and physical trauma because you haven't used drugs your body is used to, simply taking more can calm the user down.

This is a vicious cycle that leads to even worse drug abuse over time. Many addicts dealing with long-term addiction don't get high anymore -- they just take drugs to keep themselves from feeling worse.

For many addicts, it's a catch-22 situation that it can feel impossible to escape from. Seeking professional drug withdrawal treatment in Suffolk has helped many people though, and it may be able to help you as well.

Is Drug Withdrawal Dangerous?

Drug withdrawal, along with medical detox in Suffolk, can have various symptoms depending on the person. For irregular users or people who have only been addicted for a short period of time, withdrawal is often somewhat mild. For long-term addicts though, drug withdrawal can be dangerous.

Common problems addicts deal with can put them in life-threatening situations. Without help on your side, you may find that you're unprepared for the mental and physical health risks that come with withdrawal.

That's why going through professional drug withdrawal treatment in Suffolk is always recommended by medical professionals, especially for long-term addicts who are aware of a physical addiction.

Drug Withdrawal Symptoms

The process of going through drug withdrawal is different for everybody, but anybody that is physically or emotionally addicted is likely to feel some discomfort. Common drug withdrawal symptoms include:

  • Nausea and vomiting. For many addicts, these issues can make it hard to keep food and water down, leading to dehydration and other health issues. Medication is commonly prescribed for nausea when you enter a treatment facility for drug detox in Suffolk.
  • Anxiety and depression. It's very common for addicts to feel a great deal of anxiety or feel depressed when they go through the process of quitting. Thoughts of suicide, self-harm or suicidal actions are unfortunately common.
  • Fever, muscle aches, tremors and general flu-like symptoms. Many people feel like they have a mild to severe flu when they begin quitting drugs. This is because your body is reacting to having the drugs taken away abruptly without any help from medication. Cravings for drugs can amplify these feelings.

Why Should I Go Through Drug Withdrawal at a Treatment Facility?

Drug withdrawal treatment facilities are designed to help addicts get clean and sober quickly and safely. Trying to quit drugs at home can be dangerous, and many users, as determined as they are to quit, simply can't do it on their own. Remember that quitting drugs is not about willpower since addiction is a serious disease.

Reach out for help and find drug withdrawal treatment in Suffolk today. Treatment programs have helped countless people before you. There's no reason you need to remain an addict when so many professionals are out there waiting to work with you. Call Suffolk Drug Rehab Centers now for help (757) 985-4356.

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